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Small garden with English country flair
With typical plants and accessories, your property also turns into a pretty country garden. The design example for the 9 x 15 meter house garden shows how it works: the large terrace, paved with natural stone slabs, is framed by lush mixed discounts. Dwarf lilac (Syringa microphylla), shrub roses and pipe shrub (Philadelphus) also bloom between delphinium, lupine, flame flower (phlox) and cranesbill.

Rambler roses spread out on the trellises that delimit the property. Large boxwood balls interrupt the low edging hedges made of holy herb (Santolina) and boxwood. A stone pillar with a plant bowl surrounded by holy herb loosens up the lawn. A small, separate garden space is created through cut yew hedges that protrude into the lawn. A hawthorn blooms there (Crataegus laevigata ’Paul’s Scarlet’), is planted in with the cranesbill. In addition, the red bladder spar ’Diabolo ‘(Physocarpus) presents its dark red foliage, a clematis conquers the Rankobelisk. The small seat with stone bench exudes calm. A square water basin is embedded in the gravel surface.

A park-like garden
If you want to create your property like an English landscape garden, you should have enough space available. In our design proposal, the garden area covers around 500 square meters.

Deciduous and coniferous trees and shrubs ALS are planted along the property boundary for a park-like character. Directly on the large terrace in the bed with delphinium, shrub roses, lavender, box balls and clematis on rankobelisks.

Tip: In order to be able to take better care of the plants, you should place individual stepping stones in the wide bed. A curved path leads through the garden to the pavilion. From there you can look over the water surface at a decorative figure on the pond bank. With the excavation that occurs during pond construction, the lawn or a herbaceous border can be given a gently undulating surface.

The garden of Sissinghurst Castle has shaped British garden culture like no other facility. Its design is based on playing with opposites – exactly the relationship between owners Vita sackwille-West and Harold Nicolson.

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