50 Amazing outdoor spaces you will never want to leave

50 Amazing outdoor spaces you will never want to leave

All Fans of the natural garden beware! Today we will explain how you can create a cozy Cottage garden by following some rules. Anyone who dreams of a typical English garden can easily design it himself and thus create his own oasis behind and in front of the House. Anyone who believes that simply flowers have to be planted wild through the area, is not quite right. What you should consider if you want to create a romantic and dreamlike Cottage garden, you can read in the following lines. We have listed the typical properties and some planting and design tips for you there. So you can start your personal garden planning at the latest next year. But why wait, you might ask yourself now? Well, that’s simply because most flowers and plants should be planted and sown in spring, as it’s too hot for that in summer. Nevertheless, you can start already with some things this year and prepare your future Cottage garden already once.

Chaotic and controlled at the same time – that is the English garden design! Many colorful flowers reminiscent of meadows and seemingly wild in the garden, a natural atmosphere and lush Arrangements are the goal if you want to create a typical Cottage garden. It should be romantic, fairytale, enchanted and playful and thus guarantee beautiful hours of relaxation. For this purpose, the most diverse plants and flowers can be used, of which we would like to introduce you to a selection below. Beautiful planting plans with plants for the Cottage garden can be found again here.

An important Element that should not be missing in a real Cottage garden is of course a Cottage. This is a small hut that can be perfectly integrated into the garden with the help of a garden shed. And this is not only nice to look at, but also very practical: you can use the garden house like a shed and store various garden tools and other things there, or you can turn it into a small guest house. Also as a playhouse for children, the garden house is super suitable. Or how about a cottage-style greenhouse? So as you can see, with this important decoration you can kill two birds with one stone: you create the perfect Cottage garden atmosphere and get a useful space that can be used for various purposes.

Wild and enchanted does not mean that you should not create structures and boundaries at all. Despite the naturalness, the different areas should be clearly visible when you create a Cottage garden. After all, you don’t want to lose track if you want to sit on your terrace and enjoy the garden. It may only be Wild in the beds themselves. Garden paths, terraces and flower beds should always be neat and structured. However, too strong delineations are also to be avoided. For this purpose, for example, slightly higher-growing plants can be placed at the edge of the bed, which may also protrude slightly above the perimeter of the bed. Flower bed borders are an important keyword, because they create the necessary structure. Designed from the right materials (more on this below), they also adapt perfectly to the Cottage style and look natural and beautiful.

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