✔ Beautiful English Garden Design With Classic Gate #exterior #outdoor #outdoo…

✔ Beautiful English Garden Design With Classic Gate #exterior #outdoor #outdoorsofa #outdoorcouch #outdoor Small gard

There are also some things to consider with the garden paths. If you want to create a typical Cottage garden, you should make sure that the paths do not become too straight. Instead, they create curved and curvy paths. This seems much more romantic! Also, avoid dead ends that lead nowhere. Every garden path should have a specific destination, be it a fairytale bench, a Pergola or the Cottage. If the paths also border on beds or are designed with flowering perennials and flowers or grasses and other suitable plants, the right atmosphere is guaranteed.

Is your terrace sufficiently protected from prying eyes when you build a fence or Privacy Shield? Then you should leave it with this kind of privacy and not unnecessarily separate your terrace from the garden with high walls. The outdoor area looks much more cosy and romantic if the terrace remains a part of the garden and is only visually separated from the rest of the garden with the help of paths or colourful beds.

However, if you do not get the necessary protection with a wall or a fence, you can of course also use a privacy screen, with which you can shield one or more sides of the terrace. A green hedge is particularly recommended as a screen. This can be arbitrarily high in order to meet your needs. No matter which species you choose, the flowers and plants will get a perfect background and will be even better in this way. For this reason, it is also recommended to design the beds right in front of the wall or fence.

In principle, everything is suitable as a material, which is natural when you create a Cottage garden: stone, wood, metal( especially ornate and painted white), but also here and there a little brick can be used. Stone in the form of gravel or slabs can be used for paths, garden stairs or bed borders, for example. A screen and fences are again made of wood very sympathetic, whereby the Material can be both freshly painted and naturally weathered. Walls are also ideally made of stone, but can also be built of brick, which is available in various colors.

If you want to create your Cottage garden and equip it with the right plants, there are actually no limits. On the contrary, you can combine as many plants and flowers as you like. But don’t forget many blooming specimens, among which representatives should be present for each season, so that you can enjoy colorful colors throughout the season. In terms of colors, you decide for yourself how to combine them. Choose the nuances of a color as you like and separate the flowers in color or create a colorful Mix. The main thing is that the Arrangement works naturally! Even vegetables are suitable for planting when you create your Cottage garden.

When planting, also avoid gaps and too large distances between the plants. However, since some plant species require space, they may be less suitable. Simply inquire about the needs of the desired plants. Since every plant needs its time to spread really nicely, the perfect Cottage garden is also associated with patience. But it’s definitely worth the wait!

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